Coronium Performance is proud to introduce the newest 3 inch full race exhaust system for your 1G AWD DSM. Made from solid, aluminized steel piping, this exhaust is one of the most free flowing systems not quite* on the market today. The downpipe section consists of a single mandrel bend reaching down from the turbo to the flexpipe, then onward to the cat or test pipe. From there, the exhaust systems stems back to the muffler. The key to this exhausts performance is that every bend is a mandrel bend of 45 degrees or less**!

    *  This section of the site is dedicated to showing you how to build this exhaust
    ** Other than the 90 degree bend on the DP, of course.

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    (The panoramic looks longer than stock because it is prototype, and the tips have not yet been shortened)
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    Instructional Text

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