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This is a fiberglassed Endeavor Dash for a CarPC. I took a stock Endeavor dash peice (see bottom) and a headrest mount, riveted them together and sealed with epoxy. I then stretched fleece around it and used that as a base for the fiberglass. See the pictures below for a walkthrough. Sorry, no pictures "pre fleece".

This was my first fiberglass project with some direction/help from my father in law, who is real good with the stuff. I was amazed at how easy it really is.

Start by clamping your fleece, in this case, spongebob. Hot glueing it to the bottom makes things easy.

A view of the back.

Here's the bottom, I used toothpicks to pinch it down while the hot glue dried.

Pulling the front tight.

Back view after painting on the resin.

After the resin dries and hardens the fleece, apply the fiberglass.

Trimming out the front.

Hi Spongebob.

Sand sand and sand some more. 60 grit here, then 220 by hand.

Back view.

Coated in Bondo "Gel".

Sand again.

Body filler applied to pits.

This is the putty we used.

First priming.

Back view.

Test fitting.

Front view.

Filling in some cracks.

Primed again, then wet sanded with 400 grit.

Applying the paint.

Here's the original dash.

Original from the front, wow that's dirty.

Side by side.

From the back.



The next step is to repaint it. It looks like a blob of rubber with the low gloss paint. I'm going to try a flat black, and then possibly a texture.

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