This VFAQ is for installing a Front Offset Bushing camber kit for a 2G DSM. The install was done on a 1997 GST Spyder, but should apply to any 2G model. The offset bushing style camber kit is the most common on the market for the 2G DSMs.

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Frist, you need to remove the stock bushings. To do this you must take out the A arm by removing the nuts from under the hood. These are located on top of the strut towers. Below is a view from the bottom.

Below is a view once the A arm is removed.

After you unbolt the holders from the A arm, you will need to press out the stock bushings. The bushings include both the rubber insert, and the metal cylinder. Normally, you would use a ball joint press to do this. If you don't have access to one, like me, you improvise. Below is an image of our high tech, "safe," press. It involves placing the bushing holder on top of a socket that has a hole large enough for the bushing to fall in. Next, you place a smaller socket that is just the right size so that the edges of the socket press on the metal ring. Then you hit the shit out of it. Using a vice as a mini-press helps to get things loosened up at the start, as well.

After that's done it's smooth sailing. Cover both sides of the Polyurethane bushing with white lithium grease. Slide in the metal insert, just like the directions say, and place the bushing in the holder. The Hex heads should face outwards from the shock. Now, reverse the removal process to put things back together, and you're good to go. Below is a picture showing the hex head facing out. You may also be able to tell that my camber is set as positive as my kit would allow.

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